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Frequently Asked Questions

What is xlnx worth when the AMD merger closes?

At today's $AMD closing price, XLNX is worth $267.16. XLNX closed at $220.57 so there is a 21.1% upside when the merger closes and XLNX shares are exchanged for AMD.

What is AMD actually getting from the Xilinx deal?

As a reminder, each Xilinx shareholder will get 1.7234 shares of AMD for every share of Xilinx they own. As of this writing, Xilinx's market cap is at just over $36 billion (to AMD's nearly $128 billion). So what is AMD actually getting from this deal? Image source: Getty Images.

Is [AMD+xlnx] additive to AMD in 202q4?

XLNX is ADDITIVE to AMD in 202q4. Combined [AMD+XLNX] EPS would have been $0.56 instead of $0.52 (AMD alone) I have set up a chart for the current ratio, showing the ratio of the closing prices at end of trading each day.

Is xlnx a good long term investment?

Even if the merger fails for some unlikely reason, XLNX is a good investment longer term. There's been no indication that the merger is in doubt from AMD or XLNX management or any analysts, only the cackling male turkey and his hens on these message boards.

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