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Frequently Asked Questions

Is XLibris a good publishing company?

Xlibris is not a publishing company it is a printing company. At the beginning the author is told of all the things that Xlibris are going to do. When it comes to the crunch things, that were promised, are only delivered after the author pays more and more money.

Is Xlibris owned by Random House?

Who owns Xlibris Publishing? The company, founded in 1997, was acquired by the self-publishing company Author Solutions, Inc., in 2009. Before that, 49% of the company had been owned by Random House, one of the big five publishers.

What is your experience with xlibriss?

I really have a wonderful experience dealing with Xlibriss. Johann Pratts was the one persuaded me to try her Company and she has been following up patiently and tirelessly throughout the process. I most likely to use Xlibris again should I decide to write the sequels.

Should you be avoiding Xlibris?

Xlibris—as mentioned above—is on the watchdog advisory list of publishing companies to avoid at all costs, according to ALLi. If this isn’t warning enough, we don’t know what else is.

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