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Frequently Asked Questions

Is XLibris a scam?

Author Solutions is renowned for publishing scams and being the umbrella company for the numerous vanity publishers in the market today. Yes, Xlibris is one of those companies. But, before you make up your mind, we want to make sure you have an in-depth overview of the company, what they do, and what to expect before deciding to invest.

What is included in the Xlibris custom publishing package?

Included are customization options for your cover, extensive inside pages, and advanced marketing tools. The overall package costs $2099. For a breakdown of everything included, you can check the Xlibris Custom Publishing Package here.

Is Xlibris another vanity publisher set to leave you hanging?

In connection with the negative reviews posted online and the class action lawsuit against Xlibris parent organization Author Solutions, our conclusion is, this is another vanity publisher set up to grab your cash and leave you hanging.

How many non-fiction books have you published with Xlibris?

I have published six non-fiction books with XLibris since 2000. I do not rely on them for any marketing or advertising, and I am quite satisfied with the end result of each book, three of them being full color books.

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