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Frequently Asked Questions

What is xLy?

XLY is a portfolio of US large-cap consumer-discretionary stocks. XLY's basket of stocks represents the sector well, despite concentration in the largest names.

Why choose xfly?

Xfly has the competence and is responding to our needs in a very professional way.” “Our cooperation with XFLY started in the end of 2016. As one of the leading capacity provider airlines in Europe they have been a reliable and trustworthy partner for LOT over the years performing over 63.600 operations.

What is the xfxfly partnership?

Xfly is built on four pillars of partnership to enable both parties of a CPA to achieve the best returns for their respective businesses.

What is the xfly Tasman?

The XFly 1500mm (59.1'') Tasman is a STOL-capable, high-wing airplane featuring sporty flight and aerobatic 3D performance. The Tasman's impressive flight characteristics and large air-filled shock-absorbing tires make short takeoffs and aggressive landings on any type of surface easy.

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