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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between XLFD and Xft?

XLFD was originally designed for bitmap fonts and support for scalable fonts (Type1, TrueType and OpenType) was added later. XLFD does not support anti‑aliasing and sub‑pixel rasterization. Xft uses the FreeType and Fontconfig libraries and is more suitable when the smooth appearance of fonts is desired.

What's the best way to work with XLFD names?

Two nearly indispensible utilities for working with XLFD names are xfontsel ( xorg-xfontsel) and xlsfonts ( xorg-xlsfonts ). Xfontsel uses dropdown menus for selecting parts of a font name and previews the font selected.

How many elements are in a font name in XLFD?

Font names are complex when using XLFD: The name contains fourteen elements, with each element field preceded by a hyphen, -. Not all elements are required to be present in a font name and a field may be empty. Names can be simplified for the user by the wildcards * and ?.

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