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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay in Xlendi?

Hotel San Andrea is on the seaside promenade of the Xlendi Bay, just 15 ft from the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a genuine restaurant. Loved the location and friendly staff.

What is it like to live in Xlendi?

Xlendi is by far the best part of Gozo. Hosts were fantastic, they recommended things to do and took amazing care of us whenever we needed help getting around/solving any matters.Their friend Charlie has a taxi/transfer service that we highly recommend too, he went far and beyond to make us feel comfortable. We really felt we were with family!

Where is the bus stop for Gozo Island?

The bus stop for Victoria, the capital of Gozo Island, is right in front of the St. Patrick's. SEE RATES! SEE RATES! SEE RATES!

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