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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do at Xlendi watersports?

Our boats, docked in the vicinity of the picturesque jetty are the source of endless hours of fun. These along with watersports like towables, kayaks, paddleboats and jet skis are the essence of life at Xlendi Watersports. Every day is a seabound adventure! Take the plunge and explore the coast and beaches on your own.

Where can I rent a boat in Los Angeles?

This park can easily be reached on your Los Angeles boat rental. Sail your boat rental to Santa Monica Pier, where you’ll find the Santa Monica Yacht Harbor. Since 1933, it has hosted a large collection of yachts, fishing boats, and even a cruise liner to Catalina Island.

How do I rent a yacht for a week?

Boatsetter allows its customers to rent a yacht for the week. Renting a yacht for a week gives you more access to the wide range of yachts available on our platform. You can either book a rental directly through the site or connect with one of our charter specialists to plan your trip here:

Where can I sail with a friend with a boat?

GOURMET SAILING EXPERIENCE (NEW TEAK DECKING IMPORTED FROM NORWAY!) Your Friend with a Boat! ***Mabuhay Charters*** Cruise on a Private Charter along the coast or to Catalina Island. Experience the waters of California on the beautiful sailing boat!

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