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Frequently Asked Questions

When was XL Airways France founded?

XL Airways France was founded in 1995 as Société de Transport Aérien Régeional and was trading under Star Europe. In 1997 the airline changes its name to Star Airlines and in 2006, the airline was rebranded to XL Airways France.

Where can I find the best XL Airways flights?

Search Expedia for the very best selection of XL Airways flights to whatever destination you're headed. XL Airways and Expedia have teamed up to provide you with great discount airfares and flexible departure and arrival times to make your trip a truly comfortable, affordable, and memorable experience.

How many hubs does XL Airways have?

Although XL Airways travels to over 15 different cities that span across 3 continents, this French airline is considered to have just one hub, which can be found in Paris. Flight status, cancellation and delay data provided by Flightstats data may not always be accurate or error free.

Which airports does xlxl fly from in France?

XL Airways France commenced flights between Nantes (NTE) and Fort-de-France (FDF) on 9 January, a service which originates at Paris CDG. The carrier will operate the 6,523-kilometre sector bi-weekly, with departures from the French airport occurring every other Tuesday.

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