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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect a wireless controller to a Xbox One?

Connect the controller using the console's connect button Turn on your Xbox One. Insert AA batteries (or rechargeable batteries from the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit) into the controller. See Using AA batteries in your Xbox One Wireless Controller. Turn on your controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button.

Can You charge your Xbox One controller?

Connect your charge cable to the USB port on the front of the controller. Connect the other end of the charge cable to a USB port on your Xbox One. If your Xbox One console is off, turn it on. The console must be turned on after the controller is connected or the battery won’t charge.

What is the best Xbox One controller charger?

Smatree Dual-Channel Charger. One of the best batteries for Xbox One controller is the Smatree Rechargeable NI-MH Battery 2000mAH, as it has a lot to offer. Because it is a 2000mAH battery this means that it will have much longer running time than the OEM battery.

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