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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Xbox Elite controller series 2 have out-of-box issues?

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 buyers are reporting out-of-box issues with Microsoft's latest flagship gamepad. A sizeable number of users report problems affecting buttons, wireless connectivity, thumbsticks, and more. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is investigating.

What if I Have Issues with my Xbox One controller?

We encourage any customers who experience issues with their hardware to contact Xbox Support. Microsoft recently launched the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, the second-generation revision of its flagship gamepad, aimed at Xbox One and Windows PCs.

When did the Xbox One Elite wireless controller come out?

Those ambitions are similar to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, first debuted in 2015, although now refreshed with adjustable thumbstick tension, wireless charging, and Bluetooth, among other enhancements. But that follows the original design, which was plagued with well-documented shortcomings and poor durability.

Does the DS series controller have less input lag?

It doesn't, DS4 is the controller with least input lag without overclocking, DualSense is close second. So out of the box the Series controllers have less input lag? I honestly didn't know you could overclock a controller. Click to expand... Click to shrink... Not quite. Wireless DS wins, wired Xbox wins.

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