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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Xbox One Elite controller be released?

The Xbox One Elite controller will launch Oct. 27, according to Microsoft's online store. While the company has not yet officially confirmed the release date for the peripheral, retailers like GameStop are also listing the October date.

Is the Xbox Elite controller worth it?

But should you be considering investing in a new controller and you've thought about the Elite, the answer is yes. It's very much worth the extra money, even at $140. The first thing you'll notice about the Elite controller is the weight and just how solid it feels. While the main body is plastic, it's covered in soft touch materials.

What is the Elite controller?

Defining Elite Controllers. Elite controller is a term applied to the rare group of HIV-positive individuals who maintain undetectable viral loads in the absence of any treatment. The precise criteria for defining elite controllers often varies from study to study, particularly when it comes to the duration of viral load control.

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