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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Xbox controller under warranty?

Note This applies to controllers you bought individually and to controllers that came with your Xbox. The important thing is, your controller must be under warranty. Standard limited warranty for Xbox One controllers is 90 days; the standard limited warranty for your Xbox is longer.

How do you fix a Xbox One controller?

Press the Sync button on the wireless dongle for Xbox One controllers connected to your computer. Turn your Xbox One controller on, and quickly press the Sync button on it before it automatically turns off. Wait for the controller to be re-paired with your computer, and check to see whether or not the issue persists once it has been re-paired.

Where is the serial number on a Xbox 360 controller?

The Xbox 360 console serial number is located in three places: On the front of the console, behind the oval USB door. On the back of the console, above the A/V port. On the System Info screen in the Xbox Dashboard.

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