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Frequently Asked Questions

How to update Xbox series X/s controller on Windows 10?

It’s easy to update the Microsoft Wireless Controller (for Xbox Series X|S) using a Windows 10 PC. You’ll just need to download a Microsoft app, plug in your controller, and follow the onscreen instructions. Here’s how to do it. Why Should I Update My Xbox Controller? Why Should I Update My Xbox Controller?

What changes have been made to the Xbox One controller?

For example, connection time to the console has drastically improved, and support for the stereo headset adapter has been added to the controller since the initial release. You should update as they become available - if you follow the subreddit or Major Nelson's twitter/blog, you'll be sure to know when a new update is available.

How to fix Xbox One controller not working on PC?

So if you’re having an issue with your Xbox controller, a software update might fix it. Since you can purchase the Xbox Wireless Controller separately and use it with your smartphone or PC, you can also use your Windows 10 PC to update it. To do so, start up your Windows machine and download the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store.

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