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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my PS4 controller not working?

[Solution] PS4 Controller Dpad not Working Settings in the upper right of Big Picture mode Click on "base configurations" Click on "Big Picture configuration" you might be told not do this, so click do it anyway You will see 4 rectangles on the bottom you can click on. Clicking the first one will bring up the D pad config Click input type and set it to "Generic Directional Pad" Assign the four directions to the correct in game action by clicking the directions and selecting an action. "Move... See More....

Why is Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting?

Fixed: Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting [Partition Magic] Solution 1. Power Cycle the Xbox One Console. Many users said that they fixed the Xbox one controller keeps disconnecting issue via a power cycle. Solution 2. Update Xbox One Controller Firmware. ... Solution 3. Replace the Batteries or Recharge Battery Pack. ...

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