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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate xticks label in Python?

ax.set_xticklabels (xlabels, Rotation=) to Rotate Xticks Label Text set_xticklabels sets the x-tick labels with list of string labels. This list of string labels could be a newly specified list or the current plot’s existing label list read by get_xticklabels ().

How to rotate the x-axis label in Python?

You can see the data value is horizontally labeled. To rotate it you have to use the plt.xticks () method. Inside the method, you have to just pass the rotation value. For example, let’s pass the rotation=45 as an argument. You can see the x-axis labels have been rotated.

What is%rotation of label text?

rotation is the counter-clockwise rotation angle of x-axis label text. fig.autofmt_xdate (rotation=) to Rotate Xticks Label Text

How to set the labelrotation property of tick label in x axis?

ax.tick_params (axis='x', labelrotation= ) sets the labelrotation property of tick label in x axis, or in other words, X-axis. we use argument ha='right' in the above example codes, which means h orizontal a lignment is right.

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