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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate the x-axis labels on 45 degrees?

Rotating the X-axis labels on 45 degree angle You can see the x-axis labels have been rotated. In the same way, if you want the axis to be vertically labeled, then you will pass the rotation = 90.

How to align xticks label Rotation alignemnt at right end?

Set xticks label rotation alignemnt at right end by using plt.xticks () with parameter ha=’right’. And If you want to aligne yaxis tick label use the method plt.yticks () and pass the parameter ha=’right’. In last, display the figure by using the () method. We are going to study how to align tick labels at the center.

What is%rotation of label text?

rotation is the counter-clockwise rotation angle of x-axis label text. fig.autofmt_xdate (rotation=) to Rotate Xticks Label Text

How to rotate x-axis text labels in ggplot2?

We can rotate axis text labels using theme() function in ggplot2. To rotate x-axis text labels, we use “axis.text.x” as argument to theme() function. And we specify “element_text(angle = 90)” to rotate the x-axis text by an angle 90 degree.

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