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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create labels and titles in Matplotlib?

Matplotlib Labels and Title 1 Create Labels for a Plot. With Pyplot, you can use the xlabel () and ylabel () functions to set a label for the x- and y-axis. 2 Create a Title for a Plot. With Pyplot, you can use the title () function to set a title for the plot. 3 Set Font Properties for Title and Labels. ... 4 Position the Title. ...

How to rotate xticks label text Matplotlib?

plt.setp (ax.get_xticklabels (), Rotation=) to Rotate Xticks Label Text matplotlib.pyplot.setp sets a property on an artist object. plt.setp (ax.get_xticklabels (), rotation=) sets the rotation property of xtick labels object.

How to disable axis text ticks in Matplotlib?

Thus, axis text ticks or tick labels can be disabled by setting the xticks and yticks to an empty list as shown below: By default, in matplotlib library, plots are plotted on a white background. Therefore, setting the color of tick labels as white can make the axis tick labels as hidden.

How to set xlabel and title in Matplotlib object oriented interface?

When using the matplotlib object-oriented interface, the correct commands to use are ax.set_xlabeland ax.set_ylabel. (Compare these to plt.xlabel, etc., for the state-machine interface). Likewise, to set a title, you need ax.set_title

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