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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Michael Benders?

Booklist MICHAEL C. BENDER is the senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal whose coverage of President Trump has been recognized for its deep sourcing, balance, and valuable behind-the-scenes portraits of Trump’s administration and presidential campaigns.

Who is Ashley Parker husband Michael Bender?

Michael Charles Bender is a popular American personality. He is actually best known as the husband of the popular American journalist named Ashley Parker and he has been in the spotlight since they got married in the year 2018. Ashley is currently working as a Whitehouse reporter for the Washington Post.

What is the Mike Bender golf academy?

The Mike Bender Golf Academy has designed multiple different summer camp programs, tailored to every level of junior golfer with your child’s health, safety, and FUN in mind. Don’t let our changing world be a summer bummer, register today for our 2021 Junior Golf Summer Camps!

Where does Steve Bender live now?

Born and raised in Cleveland with his six younger sisters, Bender graduated from the Ohio State University in 2000 with a degree in history and now lives in Washington with his wife, Washington Post White House bureau chief Ashley Parker, and their two daughters. Start reading Frankly, We Did Win This Election on your Kindle in under a minute .

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