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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install apps on my PC?

Click on the particular App and open it. You may get some Apps for free in Windows store and there is a nominal charge for some of the Apps. Once you find the App and it is opened, you may click on “Install” to install it on to your computer. You may find the installed Apps by right-clicking and selecting “Your Apps”.

How do you switch to Google search?

To make Google your default search engine, you just need to switch from apps to the desktop. Here two options to help you switch to the desktop: ... Next to Default search engine, click on the drop down menu and select Google.

How to get Google Search app?

Identify your application to Google with API key (excerpted from Google's documentation.) Go to the Google Developers Console. Select a project, or create a new one. In the sidebar on the left, expand APIs & auth.

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