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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WWU use canvas?

WWU has used Canvas for this purpose since 2012 and over 80% of WWU's courses actively use it. It is connected to our educational data system such that courses are automatically created, populated with students as they register, and populated with faculty as they are assigned to teach courses.

What is canvas and how do I use it?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Western Washington University. Canvas not responding? Check the Canvas status page. Are you a WWU faculty, staff, or student? Use the WWU Canvas Login. Are you a WWU guest? Use the WWU Canvas Guest Login.

How do I access my online courses at Western?

Online courses at Western are delivered via the Canvas Learning Management System open_in_new. Students can access Canvas via their MyWestern Portal open_in_new. To log-in to MyWestern to access your email and Canvas: Go to open_in_new and log-in with your universal log-in.

What is a canvas orientation for faculty?

WWU Canvas Orientation for Faculty - This is a self-enroll Canvas course with all the information to help faculty be successful users of Canvas. When is my course available? Using Conversations Need assistance with Canvas? This request form is for a manually-created Canvas course where you intend to manage enrollment yourself.

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