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Frequently Asked Questions

What is work accounts management system?

WAM (Work Accounts Management) System is being developed under IFMS Project to manage Accounting of all Works Departments where Public Works being carried out. In this system logins were provided to Divisions to enter their Works and Work-Orders. They can prepare Vendor Bill which is forwarded to Treasuries for payments.

What is work time monitoring software?

This software monitors system in a smart way that means it detects when an employee is working or not working. According to the detected work status, it starts and stops the monitoring for accurate representation of work time and system idle time.

How does computer monitoring software work?

Computer monitoring software automatically captures employee system login names and login/logout times. Computer monitoring software provides reports displaying the login and logout name/time of each employee and computer. Computer monitoring software records the exact time and date of login/logout to verify employee attendance.

How to monitor employees’ online activity?

The most common type of monitoring is tracking all activities performed in employees system such as online activity, applications, social media, etc. Another method to track employees is to take screenshots and send them to the administrator’s account.

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