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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do enable WordPress Multisite?

How to Set Up WordPress Multisite (In 6 Steps) 🚧 Install WordPress. If you are building a Multisite network from scratch, then you need to install WordPress. ... Back Up Your Site. If you are creating a fresh installation of WordPress, you won't have much to back up. ... Deactivate All of Your Plugins. ... Update Your 'wp-config.php' File. ... Install Multisite on WordPress. ... Enable the Network. ...

What is WordPress Multisite and who should use it?

WordPress multisite networks are a great option for those wanting to manage separate websites from one dashboard. Multisite networks are used by corporations, schools, universities, news outlets, online businesses, and more. You can even create your own blogging platform (network of blogs) on a single multisite installation.

How to change the domain of a WordPress Multisite?

Change the Primary Domain for a WordPress Multi-Site Network Point the new primary domain name. All domains on your WP multi-site network run through the primary domain name. ... Backup your database. It goes without saying that backing up your database before surgically editing it is a good idea. ... Edit your wp-config.php file. ... Edit your database. ... Make the switch. ...

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