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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use better search in WordPress?

Goto Settings > Better Search to configure. The plugin also supports the use of template files within your theme. You can create a file called better-search-template.php in your theme’s directory and the plugin will use it to display the results. Better Search includes a very cool profanity filter using the script from Banbuilder.

How to replace the default WordPress search engine?

Better Search is another great way to replace the default WordPress search with a slightly better search engine. It allows you to search across all post types and find more relevant results. You can also assign a weight to items and improve the quality of search results. It automatically replaces the default WordPress search.

What is the best free search engine plugin for WordPress?

Relevanssi is the most popular free WordPress search plugin at, where it’s active on over 100,000 sites. There’s also a premium version that adds extra features.

How to add Live Search to your WordPress website?

SearchWP works with the native WordPress search box, as well as the Elementor Search widget. It also uses the native search results page, which means that you can still use the Elementor Pro to design a custom search results page. You can also add live Ajax search with the developer’s free SearchWP Live Ajax Search plugin at

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