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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play scramble?

Scramble is a tournament format with teams of four players. All four players hit a ball from the tee. Each member of the team then hits his next shot from the best landing position of these four shots. All four players putt from the spot where the closest approach shot to the hole ended up.

What is scramble of words?

Scramble is defined as to mix, stir or throw together in a random way. An example of to scramble is mixing letters together for a word puzzle. An example of to scramble is whipping eggs and milk for a breakfast egg dish.

What is a word scramble?

Word scramble games are like football or soccer for the human mind: a big mess of letters pushing, shoving, and shouting to be sorted into the correct order. You probably know them as Scrabble, Words With Friends, Word Cookies, WordFeud , or any of the many other cell phone word scramble games people play.

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