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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mullet haircut for women?

The mullet has been favored by some of the world’s biggest style icons, who have personalized the cut to make it their own. Effortlessly cool and a little edgy, the mullet haircut for women is for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 1. Curly Mullet The mullet hairstyle is known for being short on the top and sides and longer on the back.

What is a pixie mullet?

A pixie mullet that is choppy with bangs is a great way to accentuate natural texture in your hair and can be a very versatile style if you are nervous about wearing a pixie hairstyle for the first time, or even growing out a short, tapered pixie.

What is a pixie haircut?

May 20, 2021. The pixie cut is an iconic short haircut for women that can work on all hair types and face shapes. A pixie haircut is perfect if you want short hair that is easy to style for a sexy look every day. With a variety of trendy and low-maintenance styles, there are many different types of pixie cuts to consider.

What is Taraji's mullet hairstyle?

A short, tousled look that’s perfect for those searching for low-maintenance hair styles, Taraji’s version of the mullet is a casual chic hairstyle for on-the-go women. ScarJo single-handedly brought the mullet back into fashion in 2003 with her after it faded away into embarrassment in the 90’s.

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