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Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically wears a mullet haircut?

Football players, musicians, and fashion tastemakers have all begun to embrace the mullet for its eye-catching shape and laidback vibe. The mullet is business at the front, party at the back! It is a haircut for men who aren’t afraid to stray from the crowd and don’t take themselves too seriously.

What are some different ways to style a mullet haircut?

Nowadays, when shorter haircuts and extreme styles are super-popular, mullet cut can look a bit outdated. However, you can change this. Add tapered sideburns and facial hair, and you will look trendy again! Mullet cut doesn`t necessarily combine two contrasting lengths.

What are the benefits of a mullet haircut?

Men and women benefit from a mullet style as it adds length to a round face and emphasizes your best features. The modern mullet is a cool hairstyle for men who want a trendy version of the classic look, making it the perfect style if you want to experiment with the cut.

How did the mullet haircut become popular?

Mullet hairstyle was very popular in the 1940s and has evolved to the present day when men and women can easily handle this fierce mullet. Mullet haircut is cut short on the front and sides of the head, but retains the longer back, while women love the combination of fluffy volume and glamorous highlights.

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