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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you renew a license plate in Wi?

The WI DMV will mail you your license plate renewal sticker within 7-10 days. For renewing a Wisconsin registration or tags by mail, complete and mail your renewal notification card to the address printed on it. Include payment by check or money order, made payable to Registration Fee Trust.

How much are vehicle registration fees in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin annual car registration fees For automobiles, the annual registration will increase from $75 to $85 . For other vehicles registered at less than 8,000 pounds, the annual registration fees...

How do you transfer license plates in Wisconsin?

Complete Sections A and B of the Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application form MV1. Indicate the license plate number you wish to transfer. Send the application form to the address shown on the form. You do not need to send a registration fee if the plates are still valid, unless they are due to expire shortly.

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