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Frequently Asked Questions

How much unemployment do you get for high quarter in Wisconsin?

Since 2010, Wisconsin residents are qualified for unemployment benefits if they earned no less than $1350 in their “high quarter.” That would interpret to weekly unemployment benefits of $54, which is the existing minimum under state law; the maximum is $363 for inhabitants who earned $9075 or more in their high quarter.

How are unemployment benefits calculated in Wisconsin?

You may be able to collect unemployment benefits in Wisconsin at a decreased rate if you work on a part-time basis. You have to report all income, including any income for paid time off such as holiday wages. The state calculates your partial wage rate by subtracting $30from your gross income and multiplying your remaining wages by 67%.

Does Social Security affect my unemployment benefits in Wisconsin?

Yes. Receiving social security benefits does not affect your eligibility to receive Wisconsin unemployment benefits. And vice versa. To find out more about how to qualify and apply for social security benefits visit

What is a weekly job search report for unemployment?

An unending requirement to obtain unemployment insurance benefits is a weekly job search report. The Department of Workforce Development needs all people collecting benefits to get in touch with at least two employers each week.

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