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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wisconsin Department of Corrections sex offender registry?

Conditions of Use: The Wisconsin Department of Corrections sex offender registry was established in June 1997 due to the enactment of Wisconsin Act 440 - Wisconsin Statutes 301.45 and 301.46. This law requires registration of individuals who have been convicted of certain sexual offenses. By law, the registry generally contains information on...

What is the Wisconsin Department of Corrections DOC Notis?

Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections DOC NOTIS site. DOC NOTIS provides notification, information and support to victims of offenders in the custody or supervision of the Wisconsin DOC, persons required to register with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry and patients committed to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

How to search an inmate in Wisconsin DOC?

To search any inmate in DOC follow the steps given below: Step 1: Visit the Wisconsin DOC inmate lookup website. Step 2: Enter the inmate name, id, age, gender and DOB in the required fields. Step 3: Click on the ‘Submit’ button. On the results page, you can see the list of all inmates matching the specified criteria.

How old is the Department of Corrections in Wisconsin?

The Department of Corrections in Wisconsin was formed in 1851. This means it’s been in constant operation for over 150 years! This is one of the oldest departments in all of the United States. How Do I Locate a Wisconsin Inmate? Offenders convicted of violating state and local laws serve their time at state prisons or city or county jails.

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