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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find court records?

Requesting Online Records from a State or County Court Look in the right place. Look for a criminal court records database on your state or county court’s website. Be aware of the different levels of state courts. Provide the information you need to find your record. View the record online.

Are divorce records public in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the answer is yes, divorce records are public. In fact, Wisconsin is one of the few states that give full public access to all court records online, including divorce (see CCAP).

Are court documents public record?

Although public records are often documents, they can also be such things as maps, recordings, films, photographs, tapes, software, letters and books. Court cases are a common example of a public record.

What is the abbreviation for Wisconsin Circuit Court access?

How is Wisconsin Circuit Court Access abbreviated? WCCA stands for Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. WCCA is defined as Wisconsin Circuit Court Access somewhat frequently.

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