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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wind up a wall clock?

To wind up your wall or mantel clock, first locate the time spring hole. If you have more than one keyhole in your clock, this is usually the one located farthest to the right as you're looking at the clock's surface. However, models can vary, so you may need to experiment a bit with this. Insert your winding key into the appropriate hole.

How do you turn an 8 day clock?

An 8-day clock usually requires 14 half turns of the key as the arbour does one complete turn per day. Mainspring ratchet and click. The ratchet locks the spring in place during each wind of the key. Allow the key to gently rest back onto its click.

Do I need a winding key for my Clock?

All mechanical clocks require a winding key such as the one pictured below. The exception is, of course, alarm clocks and some carriage clocks that have integrated winding keys. Keys come in various sizes and it is important to have the correct size key for your clock’s arbour. It must fit snugly and not be too loose.

How do you fix a jammed clock?

Start on the left and wind both completely. If the clock has run down all the way, it’s extremely important to wind it before touching or moving the hands. If, after you wind it, the minute hand is locked, this means that the mechanism has jammed. To fix the jam, re-wind both sides fully before moving the minute hand backward one hour or more.

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