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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Xbox 360 come with a controller?

The Xbox 360 can support up to four wireless controllers at one time. The wireless controller comes with all Xbox 360 bundles except for the Core system, which includes a wired controller with a nine-foot cable. Everything else about the design is the same.

Does Xbox 360 have USB drive?

Using USB flash drives with Xbox 360. Use a USB flash drive for storing your Xbox content. You can format and use a USB flash drive as an Xbox 360 storage device and store up to 2 terabytes (TB) of content.

What OS does Xbox 360 run on?

Quoted: The original Xbox ran an OS that had its roots in Windows 2000. The Xbox 360's OS, in turn, has its roots in the OS of the original Xbox. I've been told (not by Microsoft, but by one of its hardware partners) that the Xbox absolutely positively does NOT run Linux or Unix or some variant of that.

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