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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Best Buy still recycle?

Electronics and Appliances Recycling at Best Buy. Best Buy offers the most comprehensive appliance and electronics recycling programs in the United States, and consumers recycle more appliances and electronics with Best Buy than any other retailer. The company collects more than 400 pounds of product for recycling every minute our stores are open — no matter what retailer the products were purchased from.

Does Best Buy still take Electronics?

You can still continue to recycleelectronics like phones, laptops, tablets and more for free at our stores. And large TVsand appliances can be safely removed through Best Buy'shaul-away services for a fee. Best Buyis the nation's largest collector of recyclable electronics and appliances.

Does Best Buy accept e waste?

Yes, Best Buy accepts old computers for recycling, along with other electronic appliances. Best Buy has voluntarily run the United States’ most extensive e-waste recycling operation since 2009. They are still the only national shop to offer this service, making them an industry leader.

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