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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WHYY series?

WHYY presents a showcase of short videos features that educate, entertain, and inform the Philadelphia region. WHYY Series is a local public television program presented by WHYY .

Is WHYY and WHYY-FM the same?

Owned by WHYY, Inc., it is sister to National Public Radio (NPR) member station WHYY-FM (90.9). The two stations share studios on Independence Mall in Center City, Philadelphia and transmitter facilities in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia; WHYY-TV also operates a secondary studio in Wilmington.

What happened to WHYY-TV?

Frustrated by a perceived lack of local coverage, in December 2009, the city of Wilmington filed a challenge to WHYY's license with the FCC. WHYY-TV has long been a major producer of PBS programming. It currently produces regular series that are distributed to PBS member stations:

What channel is WHYY in Delaware?

WDPB (virtual channel 64, UHF digital channel 24) in Seaford, Delaware, operates as a full-time satellite of WHYY-TV, serving the Delmarva Peninsula region; this station's transmitter is located on Virginia Avenue in Seaford.

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