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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is WHYY on PBS?

WHYY-TV was launched (debuted) on September 2, 1957 on UHF channel 35. In 1963, WHYY-TV changed channels from channel 35 to VHF channel 12. WHYY-TV PBS 12 welcomes a new partner is WDPB-TV PBS 64 Seaford-Dover, DE-Salisbury, MD-VA it debuted on December 4, 1981.

What does WHYY-TV do?

WHYY-TV has long been a major producer of PBS programming. It currently produces regular series that are distributed to PBS member stations: Flicks – A weekly three-minute program hosted by film critic Patrick Stoner featuring reviews of the latest films released in theaters, plus interviews with celebrities

What channel is WHYY in Delaware?

WDPB (virtual channel 64, UHF digital channel 24) in Seaford, Delaware, operates as a full-time satellite of WHYY-TV, serving the Delmarva Peninsula region; this station's transmitter is located on Virginia Avenue in Seaford.

Is WHYY and WHYY-FM the same?

Owned by WHYY, Inc., it is sister to National Public Radio (NPR) member station WHYY-FM (90.9). The two stations share studios on Independence Mall in Center City, Philadelphia and transmitter facilities in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia; WHYY-TV also operates a secondary studio in Wilmington.

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