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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I listen to NPR online?

To listen to NPR online you simply go to their website and click “listen” on the top menu bar. Here you have 3 options: Listen to NPR radio online via the 24-Hour programming stream. Hear the latest NPR radio shows.

What is NPR Public Radio?

National Public Radio (NPR) is a free media organization. It is a nation syndicator to 797 public radio stations in the United States. It began in 1970. This was after the Public Broadcasting Act was passed in 1967.

What radio station is NPR in Philadelphia?

WHYY-FM. WHYY-FM (90.9 FM, "91 FM") is a public FM radio station licensed to serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its broadcast tower is located in the city's Roxborough neighborhood at ( 40°02′30.9″N 75°14′21.9″W ), while its studios and offices are located on Independence Mall in Center City, Philadelphia.

What are the Philadelphia radio stations?

The Philadelphia Phillies Radio Network is a network of 21 radio stations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey that air Major League Baseball games of the Philadelphia Phillies. The lead announcers are Scott Franzke with play-by-play and Larry Andersen with color commentary. The flagship station is WIP-FM 94.1 in Philadelphia.

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