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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats like some humans but not others?

The cat can feel that hostility and fear the owner has now. As a result, the cat usually could care less about the people who feed him and becomes flat-out volatile towards the humans who do not feed him. Of course though, there are always exceptions- not every outdoor cat is like this. Do keep in mind this is how cats are naturally.

Why do cats have whiskers and rough tongues?

Whiskers are used to sense where things are and to judge the width of gaps; they grow as long as the widest part of the cat. They are tremendously sensitive and even in pitch darkness, or with a blind cat, allow a cat to find his or her way around. The rough tongue is for grooming, being essentially a comb.

Why are cats tounge so rough?

Why Is My Cat's Tongue So Rough? Hooks that act like detanglers. The hooks on a cat's tongue act like detanglers which means that when a hook comes... The rough hooks on a cat's tongue are referred to as papillae. When a cat licks you, their tongues feel incredibly rough... Studies show that cats ...

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