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Frequently Asked Questions

How did KC's behavior change at Degrassi?

However, his behavior improved once he started attending Degrassi in Grade 9, K.C. was shown to be interested in sports, as he was on both the basketball and football teams.

Why did Degrassi speak out?

What’s more, Lewis argued that Degrassi was only interested in perpetuating stereotypes surrounding young minorities, and claimed that she and the other black characters on the show were often used as nothing more than tokens. Lewis was unafraid of speaking her mind, and she was right to speak out.

Which Degrassi cast members have left the show?

However, many other cast members who left - like Nina Dobrev and Shenae Grimes - had their characters written off by moving away. Why not give Adam a happy ending off screen? Plenty of characters in the world of Degrassi led messed up lives, but sometimes that fiction pales in comparison to the realities lived through by the show’s actors.

What school did Degrassi graduate from?

In 2007, he graduated from Earl Grey Senior Public School, which was used as a filming location for Borden High School in Degrassi Junior High. Upon his graduation from NYU in 2025, he will be the third main cast member from the franchise to hold a PhD after Rebecca Haines and Deanna Casaluce.

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