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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Brockway truck company?

In 1912, G.A. Brockway and F.R. Thompson leased a building that was previously owned by The Ellis Omnibus and Cab Company in Cortland, New York. Brockway's beginning is widely recognized as the 1912 incorporation of the Brockway Motor Truck Company of Cortland, New York.

How many Liberty trucks did Brockway make?

During World War I Brockway built 587 Class B Liberty Trucks for the military. After the war they started a new range from 1-ton to 5-tons. They began with Continental engines but switched to Wisconsin in 1925. They bought the Indiana Truck Corporation in 1928 but were forced to sell it to White Motor Company in the early years of the depression.

What kind of cab did Brockway trucks use?

While Mack components were not used in the production of Brockway Trucks until the Brockway 700 Series was designed, which used the iconic Mack R-Series cab produced by the Sheller-Globe company, Brockway did however, begin offering a cab-over-engine model in 1963, known as the 400 Series, which was based on the Mack F-Model cab.

Is there a Brockway truck show in Cortland?

There is a Brockway Truck show in Cortland each year with many events occurring at the official Brockway Museum located in Homer, NY at the Central New York Living History Center. The hood ornament used by Brockway was a husky dog with pulling harness, thus giving Cortland the nickname of "Huskie Town USA".

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