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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays Naruto voice in English?

Voiced most times by Maile Flanagan, Junko Takeuchi. Images of the Naruto Uzumaki voice actors from the Naruto franchise.

Who is Naruto's voice actor?

Maile Flanagan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Maile Flanagan is an American actress, voice actress and comedienne known for her work in cartoons, anime and video games. Some of her prominent roles include Naruto Uzumaki in the English dub of Naruto, Piggley Winks in Jakers!

Who plays the voice of Haku on Naruto dub?

Susan Dalian is the English dub voice of Haku in Naruto, and Mayumi Asano is the Japanese voice. TV Show: Naruto Franchise: Naruto. Incarnations View all 19 versions of Haku on BTVA. Haku VOICE . ... • for new or experienced voice actors. PLAY NOW! FRANCHISE RELATED. Shows: Boruto: ...

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