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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the population of London in 1500?

In 1500 the population of England was about 3 million. Due to yearly outbreaks of plague and sickness the population stayed at about this number. There was a general shortage of labourers which meant wages were high and rents low. What was the population of London in the early modern period?

How did London grow in population?

It also grew in population, with the number of Londoners increasing from over 100,000 in 1550 to about 200,000 in 1600. The additional population at first found living space in the grounds of the religious institutions seized during the Reformation by Henry VIII (after 1536).

What was the expansion of London in 1700?

Important expansion occurred around the docks to the east as well as to the north and in the fashionable west. The rapidly expanding capital was governed by a patchwork of authorities, some of which were very ineffective. By 1700 London had overtaken Paris in population.

What was London like in the 1800s?

Its population expanded from 1 million in 1800 to 6.7 million a century later. During this period, London became a global political, financial, and trading capital. In this position, it was largely unrivalled until the latter part of the century, when Paris and New York began to threaten its dominance.

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