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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is an extra large Beanie Boo?

This list represents the TY Beanie Boos we have available! Beanie Boos come in 4 sizes: - Key Clips (approx 3 inches) - Regular Beanie Size (approx 6 inches) - Large Size (approx 9 inches) - Extra Large Size (approx 17 inches)

What stores sell Beanie Boos?

Beanie Boos, a type of Beanie Baby, are sold at The Official Ty Store and at other retail stores featuring Ty, Inc. products. Some retailers that sell these products include Claire's, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Justice and Hobby Lobby. Some styles of Beanie Boos, such as Corky the Pig and Comet the Reindeer,...

What is a Ty Beanie Boo?

Beanie Boos are plush toys filled with polyester and either polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene pellets. The fabric used in the production of Beanie Boos is a proprietary fabric called Tylon invented by Ty, Inc.

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