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Frequently Asked Questions

What size wood beam do I need to span 20 feet?

For a 20 foot span, wood beam needs to be minimum 18 inches deep. If smaller, beam will sag ugly!

How do you calculate the size of a beam?

To calculate beam spans, multiply the length of the beam with the maximum load of the floor of the room in pounds, and use this result to arrive at the beam's maximum bending movement. Use this figure to calculate the beam span or section modulus. To calculate beam spans, first measure the length of the beam using a measuring tape.

How far apart can you span a ceiling joist?

Ceiling joists are usually installed either 16 or 24 inches on center, which means roughly 16 or 24 inches apart. Once you’ve located the first one, the others are easier to find. If you only need to know which direction the joists run, access the attic and take a look.

How do you calculate the weight of a steel beam?

The weight of an I-beam is calculated by taking the weight per meter (or foot) value and multiplying it by the total length of the beam. The weight per unit value is usually provided by a steel beam manufacturer. The weight per meter or foot of a beam is dependent on not only the height and width of the beam but also the thickness of the steel used.

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