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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Amazon different from its competitors?

People consider several factors when buying things, including price, fast delivery, and reliable service. These factors are more commonly known as customer purchase criteria (CPC). Amazon differentiates itself simply by performing much better on those CPC than their competitors.

Does Amazon have a sustainable competitive advantage?

It has a sustainable competitive advantage Competitive advantage is measured by market share leadership which flows from three sources. When people buy things, they compare different suppliers on a ranked set of factors. For Amazon customers those factors, or customer purchase criteria (CPC), include price, fast delivery and reliable service.

How does Amazon stay ahead of the competition?

It was Amazon’s wide angle lens that allowed them to detect and get to work solving this challenge. The third factor that allows Amazon to continue to shift ahead of the competition is that it knows a brand must stay focused on what it stands for in the minds of consumers.

How much profit did Amazon make in first quarter?

Amazon's profit more than doubled to $1.9 billion — a figure that included a $789 million tax benefit, according to the Wall Street Journal. Amazon expects to keep growing in the current quarter, forecasting first-quarter sales between $47.75 billion and $50.75 billion, which would be up between 34% and 42%, respectively.

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