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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Piaget's theory of cognitive development?

Cognitive development occurs through the interaction of innate capacities (nature) and environmental events (nurture), and children pass through a series of stages. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development proposes 4 stages of development. The sequence of the stages is universal across cultures and follows the same invariant (unchanging) order.

What did Jean Piaget believe?

Jean Piaget was a renowned psychologist and cognitive theorist in the 20th century who focused on child development. His theories came from observing children and recording their development. He brought attention to the idea that children are not just small adults, and he argued that the way they think is fundamentally different.

What is the support for Piaget's theory?

Support for the Theory. Piaget's focus on qualitative development had an important impact on education. While Piaget did not specifically apply his theory in this way, many educational programs are now built upon the belief that children should be taught at the level for which they are developmentally prepared.

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