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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Law Dictionary?

Definition of law. 1 a (1) : a binding custom or practice of a community : a rule of conduct or action prescribed (see prescribe sense 1a) or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority (2) : the whole body of such customs, practices, or rules The...

What is the legal dictionary?

Legal Dictionary. The main source of TheFreeDictionary's legal dictionary is West's Encyclopedia of American Law, Edition 2, which contains more than 4,000 entries detailing terms, concepts, events, movements, cases, and individuals significant to United States law.

What are common legal terms?

While the term common law is used to refer to principles applied to court decisions, a common law system refers to a legal system that places great weight on judicial decisions made in prior similar cases. In the United States, common law, or precedent, is used to help ensure similar results in similar cases.

What is the origin for the word law?

The word 'law' as used in the Old Testament comes from the Hebrew word ' Torah ' meaning instruction. The Hebrew word for 'law' comes from the verb ' Yarah ', which means to throw or to shoot (arrows). The verb ' Horah ' means to point, guide, instruct, and teach. Hence the law is that which provides authoritative guidance.

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