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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mission schools important in South Africa?

mission schools in South Africa viewed the development of missionary education as having been evolutionary and as having taken place peacefully. As a result, many missionaries were hailed as having brought the blessings of Christianity and civilsation to Africans (Nwandule 1987:2). For example, one of the aims of the mission

Is there an Anglican missionary school in South Africa?

as Diocesan, an Anglican missionary school, Grass Dieu, in the Pietersburg (Polokwane) area in the former northern Transvaal (currently Limpopo province), Bethel, a Lutheran church mission school in Bodenstein (currently North-West province), Healdtown’s Methodist mission school in the Eastern Cape, St Michaels Anglican

Who is the greatest missionary in South Africa?

Dele is known for several missionary duties in Africa and is considered to be one of the greatest in South Africa. He also once served as a mission president during the period when the 1978 Revelation on priesthood was aired. During this time, he compiled numerous interviews from locals here in Africa. 9. Valnice Milhomens

What does it mean to be a missionary?

A missionary is someone who embarks on a mission to promote the Christian religion in a foreign land or country. Missionaries were early explorers who came into Africa to evangelize and educate the then primitive people of Africa about the word of God, and civilization. These people brought Christianity to Africa.

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