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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karl Marx theory of history?

The political theorist Norman Geras described Karl Marx's Theory of History as the leading philosophical discussion of the way in which the character of human beings in any setting depends upon the nature of the prevailing social relations.

What did Karl Marx believed history was driven by?

Karl Marx's take on Dialectical Hegelianism (with a twist). Friedrich Hegel believed that the historical dialectical process was driven by "spiritual forces" (idealist philosophy) ; whereas, Marx believed that the dialectical process was driven materialistically (Materialistic philosophy).

Why Karl Marx was right about capitalism?

Marx was also right when he argued that the only group in society capable of fundamentally challenging the inequality, war and oppression was the very class that was most impacted by these things–the working class. The horrors of capitalism inevitably push all its victims to resist.

Is Karl Marx the most misunderstood philosopher?

Karl Marx Quotes Marx is probably the most misunderstood philosopher in the history of thought (except Nietzsche, perhaps …). Reduced to a few sentences and a catastrophic historical experience (Communism in the USSR), Marx has in fact developed a vast,rich, and complex thought.

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