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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by calling a function?

Calling a function. We say that a program or a section of code “calls” a function. This means that we want to execute the code in the function. A function may “return” a value. This means that the calling statement will receive some result from the function when the function execution is complete. This can be numbers, strings or other ...

What does it mean to call a function?

When you define a function you give a name to a set of actions you want the computer to perform. When you call a function you are telling the computer to run (or execute) that set of actions. A function definition can be provided anywhere in your code - in some ways the function definition lives independently of the code around it.

How to call a function?

Call a Function. The normal use of a function is to assign the value returned by the function to a variable. To use the return value of a function, assign the function to a variable and enclose the arguments in parentheses. An example is calling the built-in Date function: Dim dtToday As Date dtToday = Date. If the functions return type is an ...

Does a function call come before main?

you can make a function that will execute before main function.for this you just need to supply constructor attribute to a function. By passing the constructor attribute to a function, the function will be called before the main function of the C program. here is an example to demonstrate it.

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