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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a child have a heart murmur?

Some pediatric cardiologists estimate a heart murmur can be heard in 90 percent of children with anatomically normal hearts between the ages of 4-7 years. What if my child has a murmur that is not innocent?

Can a child outgrow a normal heart murmur?

Can a child outgrow a heart murmur? Most normal heart murmurs eventually disappear by mid-adolescence. Your child won’t need treatment or special restrictions on his/her diet or activities. He or she can be as active as any other normal, healthy child. Which murmurs are normal in children? 3 common innocent murmurs in children. Still’s murmur.

When to evaluate heart murmurs?

Structural heart disease is more likely when the murmur is holosystolic, diastolic, grade 3 or higher, or associated with a systolic click; when it increases in intensity with standing; or when it has a harsh quality. Chest radiography and electrocardiography rarely assist in the diagnosis of heart murmurs in children.

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